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Meet Dr. Allen Shapiro

Video Review

When Dr. Shapiro sends patients here, he knows things will be done exactly the way he needs them done and that his patients will receive the high level of care they deserve.

Dr. Allen Shapiro's Story

“Well, there’s plenty of practices and plenty of places to send people, but I only feel comfortable when I’m sending them to Innovative. When I send patients here, I know that they’re going to be treated the way they’re treated in my office and that the treatment’s going to be thorough, complete, and things are going to be done exactly the way I need them to be done. When they come back to the office, having been to Innovative, they’ll tell me the good experience they have and all I have to do is follow through. Dentistry is becoming more and more exciting, and I know that this practice will always incorporate the new things and then our patients all benefit from that.”

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