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Ben’s daughter had a tumor removed by Dr. Nack, which saved her life. Ben and his wife are so thankful to have this practice in their community and recommend them wholeheartedly.

Ben's Story

Hi, I’m Ben, I’m from Ambler, and my daughter had a tumor removed by Dr. Nack at Innovative Implant & Oral Surgery. Everyone from the front desk staff to the—to Dr. Nack were extremely good at keeping us calm. And Dr. Nack made himself available to us personally. The procedure went very smooth. The growth hasn’t come back, I’m happy to say. My wife and I both believe that Dr. Nack saved my daughter’s life. We had a fantastic experience. We are so thankful to have Innovative Implant & Oral Surgery in this community. I wholeheartedly recommend Innovative. I now would just send people to Innovative if they had the same situation.

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