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Sinus Lift

Behind your cheeks and above your upper teeth are sinuses, which are empty spaces. When the floor of the sinuses is too thin to support dental implants, a sinus lift is performed to add additional bone mass and ensure successful implant placement. Dr. SalinDr. WeinerDr. Semanoff, and Dr. Nack can perform the sinus lift procedure at any of our state-of-the-art surgical suites in Feasterville, Newtown, and Abington, PA. When we design your personalized treatment plan, we will determine if a sinus lift is necessary to achieve the most optimal outcome. Contact Innovative Oral Surgery & Dental Implants today to schedule your appointment with our board-certified oral surgery specialists.

When Is a Sinus Lift Necessary?

The jaw bone near the maxillary sinus is thinner compared to other areas of the jaw. When a tooth is missing in the upper jaw, the bone that used to support it deteriorates. When the bone becomes too weak, it cannot sufficiently hold a dental implant. We recommend a sinus lift in these cases to restore strength to the upper jaw bone and create a sturdy base for a dental implant.

Sinus Lift Procedure

Using 3D scans, our team will assess your jaw bone health and determine if a sinus lift is necessary. We will walk you through every step, including your anesthesia options for oral surgery.

During the procedure, your oral surgeon will make a small opening where your molar or premolar teeth would sit, as well as an incision in the sinus cavity to access the maxillary sinus membrane. Your surgeon will lift the membrane and insert grafting material, then close all incisions. For the bone grafting material, we may take the graft from other parts of your body, or we may use a synthetic material.

We will recommend follow-up visits as necessary to ensure the graft heals properly. Once fully healed, you will have sufficient upper jaw bone to support beautiful, long-lasting dental implants.

When Can I Get Dental Implants After a Sinus Lift?

Sinus lift procedures work by stimulating your body’s natural healing process to form new bone tissue around the graft, which can take some time. It typically takes at least 6 months for the bone graft to heal. When you are ready for implant placement, we will schedule your next surgical appointment and insert the dental implant.

Sinus Lift in Feasterville, Newtown, and Abington, PA

Sinus lift procedures make implant placement possible for patients struggling with upper jaw bone atrophy. Contact Innovative Oral Surgery & Dental Implants today to see if a sinus lift in Feasterville, Newtown, or Abington, PA, is necessary prior to receiving your custom-made, long-lasting dental implants.

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