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Are Hidden Tooth Infections Making You Sick?

We traditionally think of poor diet, lack of exercise, smoking, and obesity as risk factors for chronic illness, but research suggests that hidden tooth infections should be added to this list for a number of conditions, from heart disease, endocarditis, and pneumonia, autoimmune disorders, and dementia.   Mouth infections tucked away beneath crowns, implants, root … Continued

What Does Wisdom Tooth Pain Feel Like?

Having your wisdom teeth extracted is a relatively quick and painless procedure with minimal recovery time, but the pain from wisdom tooth eruption can range from mild and intermittent to constant and excruciating. Some people don’t experience wisdom tooth pain at all, but in most cases, dentists will recommend that any erupting wisdom teeth be … Continued

Am I Too Old to Have My Wisdom Teeth Extracted?

Most individuals undergo wisdom teeth removal in their teens or early 20s. Wisdom teeth have a strong potential for causing complications, such as impaction. However, in some cases, a dentist may have advised the patient that extraction was unnecessary. Years or decades afterward, the wisdom teeth may begin to cause problems. If your wisdom teeth … Continued

Warning Signs of Impacted Wisdom Teeth

The last of your adult teeth to erupt from the underlying gum are known as “wisdom teeth,” and typically begin to appear between the ages of 17 to 25. Often these teeth come in normally and require little special attention other than thorough cleaning of areas that may have become harder to reach.   However, … Continued

Why is a Sinus Lift Necessary?

Dental implants are a popular option for replacing missing or damaged teeth, as they provide patients with a more permanent, easier to maintain, and less embarrassing alternative to removable dentures. However, for dental implants to stay fitted and secured to your upper jaw, you will need a sufficient amount of bone for the implants to … Continued

Do Back Molars Need to Be Replaced?

For many people, the loss of a natural tooth is considered far more devastating when it affects one of the teeth that are visible when a person smiles, such as the front teeth or the incisors. The appearance of a visible, prominent gap in one’s smile can be devastating to one’s self-esteem. For that reason, … Continued

How an Infected Tooth Can Affect Your Health

Choosing to suffer through the pain of an infected tooth without seeking treatment from a dental professional may jeopardize more than just your comfort. Medical studies are increasingly finding a correlation between dental and body health, and are finding that lingering tooth infections could be leading to serious health issues, including illness and disease. How … Continued

What to Do for a Traumatic Dental Injury

A traumatic dental injury may occur when you least expect it. It’s important to know how to respond if it should happen to you. For any type of traumatic dental injury, the best course of action is to get to an oral and maxillofacial surgeon as quickly as possible. Oral surgery experts understand the intricacies … Continued