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What Does Wisdom Tooth Pain Feel Like?

Having your wisdom teeth extracted is a relatively quick and painless procedure with minimal recovery time, but the pain from wisdom tooth eruption can range from mild and intermittent to constant and excruciating. Some people don’t experience wisdom tooth pain at all, but in most cases, dentists will recommend that any erupting wisdom teeth be … Continued

Am I Too Old for Dental Implants?

Every individual at every stage of life deserves to have good oral health. Unfortunately, millions have missing teeth. Edentulism affects quality of life as well as oral health and overall wellness. Dental implants have long been considered a superior treatment option for edentulism compared to dentures. Unlike dentures, dental implants are securely anchored into the … Continued

Is It Harmful to Delay Wisdom Teeth Removal?

The extraction of the wisdom teeth often isn’t an emergency surgery, simply because dentists evaluate the course of their progression and can spot potential problems well in advance. However, if you delay getting them taken out, you could indeed develop serious complications. Pain, soreness, and pressure in the area are often the first signs that … Continued

Benefits of a Smile Makeover

Not only can a smile makeover increase your confidence, but an investment in the appearance of your teeth can pay untold dividends in all facets of your life. If you’ve been considering transforming your smile with dental implants, here are just a few of the wonderful benefits you can expect to enjoy once your procedure … Continued