Residents throughout Bucks County can transform their smiles with the help of Innovative Implant and Oral Surgery.  If you are missing several teeth and self-conscious about your appearance, multiple implants offer tremendous advantages over other tooth replacement options.

Advantages of Multiple Tooth Implant

Compared to fixed bridges and removable dentures, dental implants are the restoration of choice when it comes to functionality, aesthetics, convenience and durability. Implants not only look, feel and function like your natural teeth, they act as an artificial tooth root to preserve the integrity of your jawbone.


Whether your tooth loss is a result of trauma, decay or periodontal disease, multiple teeth dental implants are the preferred choice for looking and feeling your best. Tired of dealing with messy adhesives or the worry that your dentures are slipping out of place? We invite you to schedule an implant consultation in our state-of-the-art Feasterville office, where we can discuss your concerns, expectations and candidacy for the procedure.


It’s true that multiple tooth implants are costlier than bridges or partial dentures, but maintenance expenses are minimal, since dental implants can last a lifetime. Our patients happily attest the investment is one of the greatest decisions they ever made.


Here are some of the key reasons why implants are the gold-standard for replacing multiple teeth:

  • Implants are comfortable and securely anchored in your jawbone
  • Implants preserve healthy bone tissue, maintaining your facial structure
  • Implants are designed to last decades and seldom need replacing
  • Implants provide a superior cosmetic outcome and mimic your natural teeth
  • Implants are easy to care for and will not interfere with eating, talking or laughing
  • Implant cost may be partially covered by your insurance
  • Implants preserve adjacent healthy teeth, which don’t have to be ground down
  • Implants can significantly boost your smile and self-esteem


Multiple teeth implants are unique in that they function similarly to tooth roots. Bio-compatible titanium posts fuse with your jawbone creating a firm and stable foundation. Because of this osseointegration, you never have to fret about a sunken facial appearance (or thinning jaw) that can happen when parts of the jawbone are reabsorbed by the body after tooth loss.

Multiple dental implant procedure

Dental implants are placed in one of our six modern surgical suites. We offer leading-edge dental implant surgery that is pain-free, using either general anesthesia or IV sedation.  Our oral and maxillofacial surgeons have extensive training in the latest methodologies and techniques for multiple implants, which used to involve several lengthy stages.


In the past, patients had to wait up to six months while the dental implant posts fused with the bone tissue. Once this healing process was finished, the surgeon would place the abutment (usually a custom-made crown) for the final result.


Here at Innovative Implant and Oral Surgery, our patients do not have to wait an eternity to smile with confidence. In many cases, we can offer a one-stage procedure where the implant post already has the abutment piece attached, giving you beautiful new replacement teeth in as little as one office visit.

Potential risks associated with multiple tooth implants

While rare, the biggest risk of dental implant placement is that osseointegration will fail and the titanium posts won’t fuse to the jawbone. Other possible risks include:

  • Infection
  • Bleeding
  • Nerve damage or numbness
  • Implant failure
  • Sinus problems
  • Excessive bone loss at the site


Any surgical procedure carries some degree of risk which can be minimized by selecting your oral surgeon carefully. Our team boasts decades of expertise in the field of implantology and are respected educators on the topic of same day tooth replacement.

Superior results with dental implants

Clinical studies on the long-term outcomes of dental implants speak to their amazing properties and benefits. Success rates hover between 96 and 98 percent. Patients who do not smoke, practice good oral hygiene, and see their dentist every six months for regular cleanings can enhance the longevity of their tooth implants.


Our experienced dental implant surgeons can manage every aspect of your procedure right here in Bucks County to achieve predictable results — without the hassle of seeing other specialists.

Learn more about tooth implants in Bucks County

If the quality of your life is negatively impacted by missing teeth, it might be time to consider multiple implants. Schedule an appointment with our team by phone or online to discuss the possibilities with Innovative Implant and Oral Surgery.


We are thrilled to provide compassionate, patient-centered care to residents living in the greater Pennsylvania area.


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