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Meet Dr. Jesse Schaffzin

Video Review

Dr. Schaffzin has worked with Dr. Salin for many years. The surgeons here are very skilled and have helped hundreds, if not thousands, of patients achieve outstanding results.

Dr. Jesse Schaffzin's Story

I’ve been working with Dr. Salin since I was just about out of school. I’ve had the opportunity to really learn from and grow with Dr. Salin. All the surgeons at Innovative have really proven that they are educated and skilled. Hundreds, if not thousands, of patients who have seen them through the years have had great results. Whether it’s something as simple as extracting a tooth or placing bone and placing an implant, they followed them to the end, and years later, still outstanding results. I think we’re very lucky to have Innovative as part of our community. I’d bring my family to them and I definitely would come to them myself.

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