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How to Secure Dentures with Dental Implants

Today’s dentures are far more advanced than the ones your grandparents wore. They were difficult to keep in place and had to be replaced or repaired often. Modern advances in dentistry, however, have led to the development of implant-supported dentures and implant-supported bridges. For a mouth missing nearly all of its teeth, there are four primary smile restoration options.

Types of implant-supported dentures

Implant supported dentures and implant-supported bridges, both can either be fixed to the gums at all times, or made to be removable. The oral surgeons at Innovative Implant and Oral Surgery recommend dentures that are fixed to the jawline for many reasons, but perhaps the most noticeable reasons are stability, bone maintenance, and they don’t interfere with taste, like a removable denture can. Here are two ways you can secure dentures with dental implants and restore your smile:

  1. Multi-tooth implants with fixed bridges – This option is for those who may be missing many teeth in a row. Rather than placing a single crown on a single implant, a fixed bridge can replace multiple teeth while sitting on as little as two implants. Not only does this make your surgery easier and faster, it significantly reduces your recovery time.
  2. All-On-4® dental implants – For those who need to replace all of their upper and lower teeth, we offer this overnight solution. Using only four implants, our experienced oral surgeons can attach a full arch of prosthetic teeth to your jawline.

Areas of your jawbone without teeth or implants will begin to degrade and weaken almost immediately. Avoid significant bone loss and maintain your facial structure with high-quality dental implants. At Innovative Implant and Oral Surgery in Bucks County, we offer you availability, convenience and an extensive record of satisfied patients. Refresh your smile and your life by calling us today at 215-322-7810.