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All on 4 Yardley

Needing multiple teeth replaced can provoke considerable anxiety about pain, multiple procedures, expense, healing times, and inconvenience. Modern dentistry has alleviated these concerns, offering better, technology-driven, patient-centered care in a single visit.


Innovative Implant and Oral Surgery is pleased to provide Yardley All-On-4® single day surgeries to local Bucks County residents. The patented All-On-4® technique provides a full mouth of upper or lower teeth in a single day, with minimal discomfort.


Have You Heard About All-On-4®?


With the innovative All-On-4® procedure, our skilled surgeons attach a full arch of high-quality, custom-crafted prosthetic teeth to four implants that serve as anchors. The prosthesis will be a permanent device that looks and functions like real teeth. The full-arch significantly reduces atrophy and maintains your jaw’s healthy appearance, while allowing for a full chewing and tasting experience– above and beyond dentures.


Why All-On-4®?


Less-desirable alternatives to All-On-4® include:


  • Fixed Bridges – Bridges placed on natural teeth require some removal of sound tooth structure from the adjacent teeth for support and may require a root canal. It is a relatively expensive option.


  • Dentures – While cheaper, dentures can cause disturbances to taste and chewing. Many people feel self-conscious that the dentures slip around while they’re eating or talking.


Patients love that All-On-4® essentially provides a full mouth of teeth in a day. Technically, you will receive the four implant teeth first, which will fuse with your jawbone within three to six months. In the meantime, a temporary prosthesis will allow you to look more natural and eat comfortably while the permanent prosthesis is made. One visit will place your new teeth. Our state-of-the-art surgical suite can provide local or general anesthesia for your maximum comfort.


Will You Need a Graft?


In the past, extensive dental work involved grafting– the implantation of bone from elsewhere in the body or another donor– to provide stability. With All-On-4®, you receive graft-less zygomatic implants that are long and angled enough to implant into your maxillofacial structure securely. We have seen amazing results with All-On-4 tooth implants– even in patients who have suffered bone atrophy after years of having no teeth.


Need All-on-4® Tooth Implants in Yardley, PA? Come Find Us!


All-On-4® tooth implants in Yardley, PA can be challenging to find. Innovative Implant and Oral Surgery is one of the few practices in Pennsylvania with the necessary skill and experience. Conveniently, our Newtown office is located less than 10 minutes southwest of Yardley. We welcome all new patients and accept most major insurances.


At Innovative Implant and Oral Surgery, our mission is simple: to provide the best personalized, patient-centered care. We take the stress out of dental surgery with a warm approach, a plethora of payment options, thorough pre-op and post-op instructions, and at-home wellness checks.


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