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What Does Wisdom Tooth Pain Feel Like?

Having your wisdom teeth extracted is a relatively quick and painless procedure with minimal recovery time, but the pain from wisdom tooth eruption can range from mild and intermittent to constant and excruciating. Some people don’t experience wisdom tooth pain at all, but in most cases, dentists recommend that any erupting wisdom teeth be removed before they cause an issue, as they are extremely common sources of pain and future complications.

Early Signs of Wisdom Tooth Pain

Careful attention to your teeth and gums can help you avoid wisdom tooth pain before it develops. Indications that wisdom teeth may be about to erupt include redness and swelling in the area behind the back molars, as well as tenderness to the touch when biting or chewing. A feeling of crowdedness in the mouth can also be an early warning sign, most often manifesting as the sensation of your teeth pushing on one another.

Unpleasant breath is another frequent indicator of wisdom tooth development. As they emerge from the underlying gums, wisdom teeth cause breakages and irregular tissue flaps along the surface. Food particles, bacteria, and other debris can become trapped in these spaces beyond the reach of standard cleaning methods, causing foul odors to develop in the mouth over time.

Swelling of the face is another early symptom of wisdom tooth development. As the teeth push through the gums, they can cause the surrounding tissue to become severely inflamed. Because this condition can cause little or no pain for some patients, facial swelling can easily be confused with an allergic reaction, so any noticeable swelling of the face should be taken as a good cause to look for the appearance of wisdom teeth.

Potential Problems

Wisdom teeth usually appear into adulthood, causing other teeth to shift in the mouth. They can also grow sideways or otherwise out of position, which can result in substantial pain as the teeth continue to erupt. Although home remedies such as salt water may provide some relief, extraction is often the only treatment option for wisdom teeth that have become painful.

Some of the most agonizing episodes with wisdom teeth involve infection. When an oral infection results from the development of wisdom teeth, it is imperative to seek out professional treatment as soon as possible. Not only can an infected wisdom tooth cause unbearable pain, but the infection can spread to other areas of the body to cause more severe issues.

If you suspect that your wisdom teeth have begun to erupt, talking to Innovative Oral Surgery about your prognosis and treatment options can help you minimize the associated pain or even avoid it entirely. Proper care can also help you steer clear of further complications such as infection. If your wisdom teeth are emerging, be sure to contact our offices as soon as possible to learn more about our treatment options.