At Innovative Implant and Oral Surgery, our surgeons work with your orthodontist to treat impacted teeth and other dental irregularities that can keep you from achieving your best smile. While wisdom teeth are the most commonly impacted teeth, your child’s canine teeth can also become impacted as the final mature set of teeth are growing. Canines are the sharp teeth responsible for tearing food and are often some of the last teeth to come through.

Are you considering surgical orthodontics in Newtown for yourself or your child? Our dental specialists have worked with many orthodontists to help address impacted canines early on in order to prevent pain and serious complications for the patient’s dental health.

What are impacted canines?

When a tooth is “impacted,” it simply means that it is stuck in the bone of the jaw and is unable to erupt on its own without surgical assistance. Much like impacted molars, or “wisdom teeth,” impacted canines can cause severe discomfort and create lots of complications for the other teeth in your mouth if left untreated.

Impacted canines can cause issues with teeth alignment, cyst formation, malformed jaw, infection, and in severe cases, may even cause the roots of surrounding teeth to disappear, creating lost teeth. Recognizing and addressing impacted canines early can help your orthodontist and oral surgeon employ treatments that will allow your child’s smile to develop properly and without pain.

According to The American Associate of Orthodontists, your child should have their first orthodontist visit at age 7. This allows your orthodontist to predict how your child’s teeth will grow in and monitor for any problems that may be more easily treated before the issue fully sets in.

How does surgery help impacted canines?

Orthodontic surgery can assist your child’s impacted canine teeth to “erupt,” or break through the gums. The full process of this procedure will depend on the maturity of your child’s impacted tooth.

If your child’s teeth have not fully matured, your Newtown oral surgeon and orthodontist will attempt to allow the tooth to erupt more naturally. This is done by removing any intruding teeth or other blockages that may be blocking the tooth from breaking through the gums. Your dental team will then monitor the impacted tooth to ensure it properly erupts.

If your child’s teeth have already reached maturity, the oral surgeon may perform a procedure that involves lifting a portion of the gum and bonding a temporary bracket to the impacted tooth, which can help gently guide and pull the canine into place.

Choosing the right oral surgeon

If your orthodontist has recommended surgery to address impacted canines, turn to our trusted team of oral surgeons at Innovative Implant and Oral Surgery. Contact us today for a consultation.