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man getting dental surgery

When Can I Return to Work After Dental Implant Surgery?

Dental implants are a highly effective way to restore a picture-ready smile. This practically painless process can be performed in a single afternoon, but recovering properly from the procedure is the only way to ensure a reliable result.

Take Time for a Full Recovery from Dental Implant Surgery

Although you may physically feel fine shortly after a dental implant procedure, the reality is that your body must undergo a substantial amount of natural adjustment before the implant is fully integrated. Strenuous activity right after surgery can delay the healing process.

For this reason, patients who are scheduled for a dental implant should plan to take at least two days away from their regular routine. Feelings of grogginess or dizziness during normal activities are a sign that the body has not yet returned to full strength and should be allowed to rest. These may also be symptoms that the sedatives and anesthesia have not completely worn off, and so patients should avoid activities such as driving or operating heavy machinery right after the procedure.

Pre-Existing Medical Issues Will Affect Recovery Time

Personal medical factors also play a role in projected recovery time from dental implant surgery. Chronic medical issues such as hormonal imbalance, a compromised immune system, or a history of substance abuse may experience greatly delayed recovery times. Patients affected by these factors will want to allow several days or even a week after the procedure to return to their everyday routine.

Age and gender as well as the length and diameter of the implant and bone quality at the placement site can all impact the time it takes for the body to return to full strength. If a bone graft was required prior to the placement, the jaw, teeth, and mouth may need even more time to adjust to the updated structure.

Extended Care

Although everybody is different, there are universal factors that can impact the speed at which recovery from a dental implant placement takes place. Everyday maintenance will be needed to keep the area clean and free of outside contaminants, and a specially formulated mouthwash can help keep bacteria and other foreign invaders from thriving at the vulnerable entry point.

Smoking can also extend the recovery process, and should be avoided at least until a follow-up appointment. Our medical team will give detailed instructions on how to best recover from a dental implant placement, and patients should be sure to follow these guidelines closely to minimize the risk of infection and speed recovery.

Whether you´re replacing a single tooth or a section of teeth, dental implants are an easy and effective treatment option. Even in candidates who have not had teeth in many years, a dental implant procedure can return your smile to its former brilliance. Don´t waste another day, contact Innovative Implants and Oral Surgery for a consultation.