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Bone and Soft Tissue Grafting

Making your dental implants possible.

The human body doesn’t keep anything that it considers unnecessary. When we lose a tooth, our body breaks down the bone and soft tissue that used to hold that tooth in place. And it happens fast: studies show that 40 to 60% of overall tissue atrophy takes place in the first 6 months. But with bone and soft tissue grafting, we can help nearly anyone enjoy a life with comfortable teeth and a great smile.


How Bone Grafting Supports Your Dental Implants

In essence, we take bone from either another area of your own body (preferable) or a donor source and implant it in areas of your jawbone that have suffered atrophy. This helps you in two ways:

  1. Implant structure – By adding bone tissue, we’re able to place implants properly and in a manner that will last the rest of your life, as implants are designed to do.
  2. Facial appearance – Bone atrophy will eventually distort your appearance. Adding bone where it has disappeared will restore the natural look to your face.


Generally, we’ll take bone from your hip, shinbone or another area of your jaw. Then, we’ll craft it into the correct shape and secure it in the area that we wish to regrow bone. Your bone graft will heal over the next few months, and once it heals, we’ll be able to secure your implant(s).


Types of Grafting Procedures


Reversing bone and soft tissue deterioration wherever we need to. There are many grafting procedures that we can perform:


Major and minor bone grafting

Generally performed at the site of your new tooth or teeth. We differentiate minor and major bone grafting by the amount of bone that you need added.


Sinus lift

Behind your cheeks and above your upper teeth are empty spaces called sinuses. The roots of your upper teeth come quite close to the floor of these sinuses. If you lose these teeth, the bone on the floor of the sinus will deteriorate. To allow us to place implants in your upper jaw, we’ll carefully enter your sinus and reinforce the sinus floor with bone.


Ridge expansion

Using precise instruments, we’ll expand the width or height of your jawbone in the area of your dental implant site.


Soft tissue grafting

If your gums lack tissue and your implant remains exposed after placing your crown or fixed bridge, we can add tissue to build your gums up and improve their appearance.


Modern implant and tissue grafting technology opens the doors of possibility for everyone who wants to renew their smile and end their pain. Our top-notch surgeons will identify what your individual condition calls for and discuss your options with you in full detail.


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