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Meet Dr. Kevin Chin

Video Review
Dr. Chin is grateful to have this practice in his dental community. They are always at the cutting edge of technology and are committed to improving their patients’ health.

Dr. Kevin Chin's Story

“I refer patients to Innovative Oral Surgery, particularly because I know their work is clinically sound and provide the top care that I would expect for myself and my family. Patients that I have referred to Innovative Oral Surgery have been very happy and pleased and want to return if they ever need any other additional work. The doctors there are very willing to do cutting-edge type technology and willing to progress the field of dentistry at the pace that I’m growing my practice. To have Innovative in my dental community is something that I feel very happy. I know they will always be there to provide their expertise and make sure that I’m able to get my patients into a much better oral health.”

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