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Oral Pathology Newtown

An abnormal lump or growth is devastating to find during a self-exam or medical consultation. However, with early detection, proper treatment, and an experienced oral and maxillofacial surgeon on your side– it doesn’t have to be a severe, life-changing diagnosis.

Our Newtown maxillofacial surgeons at Innovative Implant and Oral Surgery are experienced in diagnosing and treating abnormal, cancerous, or other disease-related growths in the mouth and jaw. They are also experts in using the most precise and advanced techniques and technology to rebuild facial structures that have become damaged.

If you are experiencing abnormalities in your mouth or jaw, have been diagnosed with oral cancer, or are suffering from the cosmetic loss after a lump removal, contact our Newtown office today.

Identifying abnormal growths and disease in the mouth

The first step in treating any ailment is to recognize the symptoms and have it properly diagnosed by an experienced professional. Sticking to regular teeth cleanings and appointments with your dentist can help to detect potential problems early. Knowing how to perform a self-assessment at home can also help you distinguish the earliest signs of disease.

To perform a self-exam:

  • Look for any visible lumps, lesions, or texture or color changes in the inside of your mouth. Examine your gums, inner cheeks, the roof and floor of your mouth, the entirety of your tongue, and the back of your throat.
  • Feel for lumps or lesions that may not be visible by feeling behind your jaw, underneath your ears, on each side of your neck while turning your head, the underside of your jaw as your head is tilted back, and by grabbing your throat and swallowing.
  • Pay attention to symptoms of pathologies, including jaw instability, pressure, pain, irritation while swallowing, and physical deformities.

If you notice anything that looks or feels abnormal, contact a maxillofacial surgeon immediately. We can perform a more in-depth examination. This will allow us to diagnose any abnormalities and address the issue before it presents a greater risk to your health.

Removing and treating oral growths and lesions

Trust your health to the experienced surgeons at Innovative Implant and Oral Surgery who specialize in oral pathology in Newtown. Our surgeons are leaders in their profession and skilled in the most advanced technological procedures. In addition, they have a general passion for helping patients feel comfortable, informed, and confident throughout the entirety of their treatment, from diagnosis to removal.

Reconstructing structural damage caused by disease

Growths can also leave behind large noticeable marks once they’re removed. It often requires removing large masses of tissues along with it. In some cases, the growths can also cause bone fracturing and other deformities.

At Innovative Implant and Oral Surgery, we believe in a holistic treatment to help you feel and look your best when managing health concerns.

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