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Oral Pathology Treatment and Reconstruction in Bucks County

Treating your disease and rebuilding your appearance.

Removing growths and oral lesions is a delicate process. We guarantee you the precision and expertise necessary to treat your condition and rebuild any damaged structures.


Signs of Disease

Pay attention to all abnormal symptoms and seek evaluation immediately.

Pathologies generally show up in the mucous surfaces of the mouth, neck and nasal cavities. Symptoms can include:

  • Jaw instability
  • Pressure and pain
  • Irritation while swallowing
  • Physical deformity


It’s important to have any growths removed as soon as possible. Without treatment, benign masses can turn malignant and bones can fracture. If you have any suspicious lumps or sores that you’re concerned about, stay on the safe side and get them examined. Our oral and maxillofacial surgeons will perform a thorough exam and walk you through any necessary next steps.


Regular Self-Assessment

Actively monitor yourself to catch developing pathologies.

We recommend performing monthly self-assessments for signs of disease. Remember, just because you have no pain does not mean your suspicious lump or sore doesn’t need to be removed. Visually, look at your gums, inner cheeks, the top and bottom of your mouth, all surfaces of your tongue, and the back of your throat. Note any lumps, lesions, or changes in texture or color.

Next, feel around the following areas:

  1. Behind your jaw, underneath your ears
  2. Sides of your neck while turning your head left and right
  3. Grab your throat and swallow
  4. Underside of your jaw with your head titled down



Rebuilding after surgery to restore function and appearance.

Growths can cause structural damage, and we may have to remove large amounts of tissue in order to treat your pathology. However, mass or lesion removal is only part of your treatment. We will, of course, put our best effort and latest technology toward rebuilding your oral and maxillofacial structure. Through grafting and distraction osteogenesis, we can build up your tissue to support dental implants and restore your appearance. Ensuring your treatment ends with a normal life ahead of you is our top priority, and we have an extensive record of successful patients to show for it.


For more about oral and maxillofacial pathology, or to schedule an appointment, call 215-322-7810. You can also schedule an appointment using our easy online form.

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