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Dental Emergency in Bucks County

The COVID-19 pandemic and its impact on daily life is a fluid and rapidly changing situation. In these unprecedented times, dental care is important for our patients, their loved ones and communities.
Innovative Oral Implant and Oral Surgery– in accordance with guidelines from the CDC, Pennsylvania Department of Health, and the American Dental Association– is treating patients for emergency dental concerns.

What constitutes a dental emergency during the COVID-19 pandemic?


What is considered a dental emergency amid the COVID-19 pandemic? The American Dental Association recommends immediate care for the following:


  • Trauma to facial bones
  • Uncontrolled bleeding
  • Persistent severe pain in the jawbone or teeth
  • Abscess or soft-tissue bacterial infection in the mouth
  • Gum infection with pain and swelling
  • Severe tooth pain
  • Post-operative dressing changes
  • Post-operative suture removal
  • Dental trauma resulting in tooth loss or tooth fracture
  • Third-molar pain
  • Biopsy of abnormal tissue
  • Post-operative dry socket


Your health and well being is our top priority


Most dental emergencies center around pain, infection, or serious trauma. If you are uncertain whether you should be seen, please reach out and our staff will ask about the severity and type of symptoms you are experiencing, the date of onset, your current medications, age, and any history of oral trauma.
With this detailed information, we can better assess your situation and determine if urgent or emergency dental care is necessary. If you or a member of your household is experiencing symptoms of novel coronavirus or has tested positive for COVID 19, please inform us prior to your visit.

COVID-19 safety guidelines


Our oral surgeons and staff are committed to the safe care and treatment of patients who have dental emergencies during the pandemic. Innovative Oral Implant and Oral Surgery complies with strict Infection Prevention and Control Standards and regulatory advice by using personal protective equipment (PPE), including protective eyewear, masks, gloves, and garments.
We have added two Negative Pressure Surgical Rooms that contain all airborne contaminants and practice stringent infection control protocols. Every morning, each member of our surgical and administrative staff is screened for fever, virus symptoms, and potential exposure to the coronavirus.
As the COVID-19 pandemic evolves, we remain focused on offering emergency dental care and preserving the safety of our patients, our staff, and the communities of Feasterville, Newtown, Yardley, Langhorne, Philadelphia, Bensalem, and surrounding areas.
For more information, give us a call at 215-322-7810

Additional Dental Emergency Resources:


  1. ADA, What Constitutes a Dental Emergency?
  2. The Lancet, Urgent dental care for patients during the COVID-19 pandemic
  3. WebMD, Dental Emergencies During COVID-19 Pandemic



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