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Wisdom teeth aren’t the only ones that can become impacted. The upper canine teeth, also known as the maxillary cuspids, can also fail to erupt properly. If your child’s upper canines are impacted, this can cause adverse complications, such as improper bite alignment. At Innovative Implant and Oral Surgery, we work collaboratively with our pediatric patients’ orthodontists to ensure proper mouth development. Our attention to patient safety and our child-friendly approach are just two of the reasons why parents in the Yardley area choose our Bucks County practice.


Understanding impacted canines and their effects


The permanent upper cuspids usually begin to erupt at around ages 11 through 12. Their proper eruption is a critical influence in the child’s bite alignment. If they fail to break through the gums properly, severe complications may occur. These include the following:


  • Pain
  • Jaw malformation and bite misalignment
  • Oral cysts
  • Oral infections


Additionally, partially erupted teeth can cause nearby ones to become crowded and misaligned. Gum disease and cavities are also more likely to affect partially erupted teeth.


It’s always best to detect potentially problematic teeth before they cause complications. This is one reason why it’s recommended that children have routine oral x-rays as they grow older. An x-ray allows dentists to evaluate the positioning of the non-erupted teeth and determine if they require intervention.


Causes of canine tooth impaction


Parents are often curious about why their child’s canine teeth have failed to erupt as they should. There are a few possibilities. For example, a child’s baby upper canines may have failed to fall out on schedule. This will crowd the area and create a blockage that prevents the permanent canine from breaking through the gum. Another common cause is the overcrowding of nearby teeth that blocks the space and prevents proper eruption.

Exploring the treatment for impacted canines


Unlike wisdom teeth, people need their upper canines, and so instead of removing them entirely, our oral surgeons will help the canines erupt properly. This innovative and straightforward procedure is performed under general anesthesia to ensure your child’s comfort.


First, the oral surgeon will lift part of the gum tissue that conceals the impacted canine. Then, the surgeon affixes a bracket to the tooth. A small gold chain is attached to the impacted tooth on one end and the child’s braces on the other end. The gum tissue may then be sutured.


Over time, the gentle pressure exerted by the chain will help the canine erupt. The process may take as long as a year, after which the dental team will remove the bracket.


Note that if your child’s impacted canines were caused by the failure of the baby teeth to fall out, the oral surgeon would also need to remove them. This can be done in the same procedure.

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