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Tooth Replacement Newtown

August 03, 2022

By Innovative Implant and Oral Surgery

Nearly 70 percent of Americans will have lost at least one permanent tooth by the age of 44, with 26 percent of people losing all of their teeth by age 65. Injuries, decay, periodontal disease, and other factors can all lead to damaged or missing teeth. These missing teeth can cause a decrease in confidence and affect your oral health.

Tooth Replacement With Dental Implants in Newtown

If this has happened to you, don’t wait to have it replaced. At Innovative Oral Surgery & Dental Implants, our team of highly trained dentists and surgeons are trained on cutting-edge dental implant procedures and are ready to fit you with your new, natural-looking replacement. Whether you’re missing one tooth or all of them, we can help design the perfect solution to fit your needs and your budget.

Why Replacing Missing Teeth Is Important

Having this gap in your smile can not only lead to embarrassment and a lack of confidence, but it can also greatly affect your ability to eat and cause other, much bigger issues to your oral health. All your teeth can shift from just one missing tooth. Missing teeth can also affect our ability to chew and may make it difficult to speak.

Perhaps most alarming, though, is what happens to our jaw bones once a tooth is removed. In the absence of a tooth, our jaw bones begin to deteriorate. In cases of multiple missing teeth, this can create a sunken look to the face. It can also cause dentures to become ill-fitted and make future implants more difficult, often requiring a bone graft before the procedure.

If you have lost or are planning to remove a damaged tooth, consider replacing it as soon as possible.

Tooth Replacement Options

There are many dental options if you need to replace teeth in Newtown. Here are some of the most popular options:

  • All-On-4® dental implants. For those who need to replace all their teeth, the All-on-4 same-day procedure may be ideal. This innovative technique allows patients to remove damaged teeth and replace them with a new smile all in the same day. It can also be less painful than traditional procedures and, in many cases, can be done on patients with low jaw bone density without the need for bone grafting.
  • Single tooth replacement. Just one missing tooth can drastically change the way you smile. In addition, promptly replacing a missing tooth can help you maintain good oral health, prevent shifting in other teeth, eliminate the risk of bone deterioration, and help you smile a little brighter. This can be accomplished with a bridge, binding a false tooth to the two neighboring teeth, though an implant is better. The latter method is less damaging, better for your oral health, and often lasts much longer.
  • Multiple tooth replacements. When multiple teeth are missing, prompt attention is crucial, as this can cause major shifting of teeth, while your jaw bone can begin to thin in the absence of tooth roots. Implants that have bio-compatible titanium posts act as roots and prevent a sunken facial appearance and damage to the jaw bone. In some instances, you may be able to secure multiple teeth on fewer posts.
  • Overdentures. Unlike traditional dentures that need to be glued in and often cover the roof of your mouth with plastic, overdentures are secured to dental implants or caps using bars. This makes them stay in place and makes it easier to eat and speak. They can be removed at night to clean and are often a more affordable option for patients on a tight budget.
  • Zygomatic. Patients who do not have enough bone mass in their jaw for a traditional implant can receive a zygomatic implant. These implants are secured not to your jaw, but your zygomatic cheek bone.

Choosing a Qualified Dental Team

Our dental team at Innovative Oral Surgery & Dental Implants is trained in a variety of the industry’s most advanced implant procedures. We examine each patient individually and work with them to determine which tooth replacement option is right for them. Our goal is to make durable, natural-looking tooth replacements for all our patients.

Contact us today to schedule your consultation and learn more about your options.