All upper back teeth have roots, which are close to the maxillary sinus. In some
cases following extractions or other oral surgery, certain precautions are
necessary to help encourage normal healing.

You will probably receive a prescription for an antibiotic as well as medication for
discomfort. Take as directed.

Please use the following medications: (these medications do not require a

Actifed or Sudafed:
• Use for 7 – 10 days
• If you have heart disease or high blood pressure, please consult your
family doctor prior to using these medications
• You may have trouble sleeping while taking this medication. If so, please
skip your evening dose

Afrin or NeoSynephrine:
• Use as directed for 3 days ONLY

During the first 3 weeks of healing you must:
• Avoid blowing your nose
• Sneeze with your mouth open
• Refrain from blowing or sucking through your mouth (this would include
blowing up balloons or drinking through straws)

During the first few days you may have the feeling that liquids are percolating
into your nose when you drink. This should stop quickly. If these symptoms
return during healing, notify the office at once. In the unlikely event that this
persists, it can almost always be corrected with a small office procedure.

If you have any questions about your care, please feel free to call the office any