During the first seven (7) nights of sleep, wear your appliance with the top component engaged
to the lower component, however, do not turn your key (the advancement mechanism should
remain in the inactivated position)
On the eighth (8th) night, insert the key into the appliance and turn it one complete turn (360
degrees). This will advance your bottom jaw 0.5mm
Continue to advance it one complete turn every week.
Maintain this amount of advancement for a total of 6 weeks.
After awakening in the morning, remove the appliance, and insert the “AM Aligner” in order
to restore your bite to it’s normal position. Bite on the am aligner for 20 secs then release for 20 seconds.. Perform this 8-10 repetitions, or until your bite “feels normal”
Clean your appliance by brushing it and storing it in its case with the lid open to allow the
appliance to dry.
If your diagnosis is primary snoring (without obstructive sleep apnea) you may
stop turning the appliance when your bed partner no longer observes snoring.
If you should experience joint, muscle, or teeth pain that does not subside during the day,
please call our office