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Sedation Dentistry Newtown

Located just west of Trenton, New Jersey, and included in the Philadelphia metropolitan area, Newtown, PA is used to being on the cutting edge– including dentistry services. Innovative Implant and Oral Surgery offers revolutionary sedation dentistry at our Newtown location. Whether you’re undergoing a complex surgical procedure, tooth extraction, or a routine root canal, you can count our Newtown Sedation Dentistry for stress-free health care.


What is Sedation Dentistry?


In this type of practice, the patient is put into a plane ranging from light sedation to general anesthesia. It was designed to help ease the common fear and anxiety a lot of people have when it comes to tooth and mouth care. It also allows oral surgeons and dentists to work more effectively and efficiently as it removes the burden of patient worry and pain.


The sedatives are administered orally, intravenously, or through inhalation. Your dentist or oral surgeon will choose the best type for you based on your health, age, medical history, and anxiety level. They will also take into consideration the type of procedure you are having.


Nitrous oxide, or “laughing gas,” sedation is the mildest method used in sedation dentistry, and therefore is ideal for minor treatments and procedures. Inhaling it produces an overall sense of calm and wellbeing, and, depending on the amount inhaled, can also give a mild sedative effect.


Oral sedation is slightly stronger than nitrous oxide but is still fairly mild. Patients are given prescription sedatives to be taken about one hour before the dental procedure to give the medicine time to take effect and are required to be accompanied by a family member or friend as they cannot drive. Oral sedation is often used in conjunction with nitrous oxide,


Intravenous sedation is the deepest form and is only recommended for patients with extreme phobias or those that require an extensive procedure. Under intravenous sedation, patients are conscious but relaxed to the point that they feel no pain and often form no memories of the procedure. As with oral sedation, patients must be driven home by a family member or friend.


Is Sedation Dentistry Right for Me?


Sedation dentistry is ideal for dental patients who have:


  • Severe dental anxiety
  • Sensitive teeth
  • Strong gag reflexes
  • Trouble sitting for long periods
  • Low pain tolerance
  • The necessity for multiple procedures at one
  • Physical or emotional disabilities


Innovative Implant and Oral Surgery offers a range of sedation dentistry services at our Newtown, PA location. Learn more by calling or requesting a consultation appointment with one of our expert dentists. Don’t let fear or anxiety keep you from the beautiful smile you deserve.

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