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Same Day Smile Newtown

Why put yourself through the embarrassment and discomfort of missing teeth when you can get same day teeth in Newtown at Innovative Implant and Oral Surgery? If you’re one of the 40 million Americans who have lost many of their teeth, it can be a huge relief knowing you can be taken care of with one convenient appointment. Thanks to technology, what used to take months can now be done right here in the office, within hours. Contact our office in Newtown, Pennsylvania, to learn more about same day dental implants.


How are Newtown same-day implants done?


Our Buck’s County dentists are experts in the All on 4® method of tooth restoration. This cost-efficient solution anchors a full set of upper and lower dentures into four secure implant prosthetics. The strategically-placed implants replace the roots of your natural teeth to fuse with and reinforce the jaw bone beneath. You can count on these teeth to form a strong anchor capable of supporting a full dental bridge.


  • We take 3-D images of your mouth to determine the best strategy and placement for the anchor implants.
  • Anesthesia and sedation are administered to ensure optimal comfort throughout the procedure.
  • Small incisions are made to place four implant screws into your jawbone. The implants screw on top.
  • A fully-functional dental bridge is then placed, settling into the anchored posts to appear natural.


What is All on 4® recovery like?


Recovery for same day implants is remarkably fast. Patients are encouraged to consume a diet of liquids and soft foods for the first few weeks to prevent food particles from lodging in the wound sites. Over-the-counter medication can be given to block pain. Good oral hygiene is encouraged, and all patients receive detailed instructions to maximize healing. We will see you in two weeks for a follow-up visit.


What are the results of same day teeth like?


The end result is function and appearance comparable to a healthy, natural smile. In the past, patients had to wait three to six months and make several visits to the oral surgeon for sizing and adjusting before the final crowns were secured in place. Today, all the lab work is done quickly and efficiently in-house, making it possible for you to walk out with instant results.


People LOVE same day dentistry! An implant-supported prosthesis is easy to adjust and easy to clean. Compared to a whole mouth full of individual implant teeth, implant-supported bridges are very affordable. Compared to dentures, there is much more comfort and a more secure fit with All on 4®. With only one surgery, the healing time is much faster.


Are you a candidate for the All on 4® procedure?


Most cases do not require bone grafting or lengthy healing times. The best way to know for sure if you are a candidate for same-day teeth is to request a private consultation at Innovative Implant and Oral Surgery in Newtown. Many patients express concern that they will need extensive work done, but techniques are changing that make the process simpler, faster, and pain-free.


What is the cost of same day teeth?


Generally speaking, same day smiles are more expensive than basic dentures but less expensive than a full set of implants. You needn’t worry that same day dentistry is cost-prohibitive. In fact, Innovative Implant and Oral Surgery works with multiple health insurance providers, in addition to offering flexible payment plans and financing options.


Why choose us?


  • Timeliness: With four accomplished oral surgeons on staff, you are never left waiting at our Newtown-based oral surgery practice. Our friendly office staff always gets back to you right away and calls to check on your recovery after the procedure.
  • Caring Staff: For more than 40 years, we have focused on putting the “care” back into healthcare for Bucks County residents with patient-centric, options-driven dental treatments. We coordinate all aspects of your care, including working with insurance providers and financiers to help you afford the health and happiness you deserve without worry.
  • Expert Surgeons: Our surgeons work with your family dentist for the best possible outcome.
  • Modern Center: Our surgical suite is one of the most modern and advanced in the area with in-house imaging and 3-D modeling that allows us to offer the latest proven techniques like same-day dentistry.

Take the first step towards your same day smile in Newtown by scheduling an appointment today!

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