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Overdentures Newtown

Some 35 million Americans have lost teeth due to injury or decay. Missing teeth can significantly interfere with quality of life, comfort, physical appearance, and general health, so it’s essential to make a correction as soon as possible. Although some patients can get by with a well-designed denture, others struggle with comfort and fit. Innovative Implant and Oral Surgery is pleased to offer overdentures in Newtown, PA offering residents a long-term solution for preventing bone loss, maintaining oral hygiene, and restoring aesthetic appearance. It may not be the least invasive option, but for some patients, it is the best.


What Are Overdentures?


Overdentures are removable porcelain teeth that fit over implant prosthetic teeth embedded more permanently into the jaw. After a clinical examination and a CT scan to assess the quality and quantity of bone, a dental surgeon places two to four implant posts with guidance from computer-assisted planning software.


Depending on your situation, a second step may be necessary to cement the attachments with retainer bars and then wait several weeks before the new teeth are placed. In other cases, a one-stage process may be used. The teeth will be placed with connecting attachments that snap the denture into place. During the day, overdentures remain fixed in place for excellent stability. At night, they are easily removed for cleaning.


Who Benefits from Overdentures?


Overdentures can be an ideal solution for people who:


  • Struggle wearing dentures, which are uncomfortable or annoying due to slippage.
  • Have mild to significant bone loss or soft tissue defects preventing other options like full implants.
  • Are willing to do what it takes to maintain oral hygiene, including removing prosthesis for cleaning.
  • Would otherwise be a candidate for implant treatment if cost were no concern.
  • Like the idea of a more fixed prosthesis closely replicating the look and feel of natural teeth.


Newtown patients with overdentures report they are better able to chew their food compared to conventional dentures, and they find it easier to clean their teeth compared to fixed implants. This type of natural-looking solution not only builds confidence but also prevents jawbone shrinkage and allows patients to enjoy all their favorite foods with greater ease and comfort. Not only that, but they are a more affordable option than individual implants and last just as long.


Where To Find Overdentures in Newtown, PA


You may have been to several oral surgeons who told you nothing could be done – because they do not offer overdentures. Here at Innovative Implant and Oral Surgery, we are current with the most modern dental procedures and techniques to provide you better quality care. Our compassionate team of experienced professionals treats every prospective patient with dignity and respect while exploring which options are most suitable, given an individual’s unique circumstances.


Our Bucks County dental office in Newtown, PA, is situated in the Newtown Commons West Medical Professional Building: 638 Newtown Yardley Rd in Suite #2A, where there is plenty of parking. Call our office to book a consultation with Dr. Michael B. Salin, Dr. Jared S. Weiner, or Dr. Adam Semanoff.


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