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Multiple Tooth Implants Newtown

If you are missing several teeth, you may also struggle with building confidence in your appearance, whether you are self-conscious about the empty spaces in your smile or if you’re struggling with embarrassing dentures that feel unnatural and can slip out of place or become damaged. Thankfully, there is another option.

Dental Solution for Multiple Missing Teeth

Patients missing more than one tooth can take advantage of multiple tooth implants in Newtown, an advanced procedure that allows patients to find comfort and convenience in a more permanent and natural tooth replacement. Unlike dentures and bridges, which can shift, fall out, or easily become damaged or broken, tooth implants are permanently secured to your jawbone, ensuring a tight, natural-looking, and natural-feeling fit that will last a lifetime.

Multiple tooth implants also allow you to enjoy eating all of your favorite foods, share intimate moments, laugh, and speak without any worries of discomfort or an embarrassing denture slip. Multiple tooth implants are by far the superior choice for replacing missing teeth.

How Multiple Tooth Implants Work

Multiple tooth implants work by implanting a biocompatible titanium post into your jaw bone, which your new crown will be attached to. Anchoring your new tooth into your jaw not only creates a strong, stable foundation for your implants, but it also enhances your dental health by helping to maintain the integrity and density of your jawbone.

When the roots of our teeth become damaged or missing, our jaw bone begins to deteriorate, creating a sunken look in our cheeks. This is a common problem with dentures and fixed bridges, as the tooth replacement does not replace the “root” of the tooth, an extremely important element in the aesthetics of our smiles.

Multiple Tooth Implant Procedure

Not only is a multiple tooth implant a much better long-term solution for replacing missing teeth, but it is also a fairly quick and pain-free procedure. Oftentimes, patients are able to leave the office with their brand-new smile in just one day, avoiding long, embarrassing wait times.

In the past, multiple tooth implants would take months between the implant of the “root” of your new teeth and the setting of the custom-made crowns. Now, at Innovative Implant and Oral Surgery, our expert dental team can perform same-day multiple tooth implants by adhering your set of custom-made crowns onto bio-compatible titanium posts prior to your procedure. This can save you time and the cost of additional office visits, and allows you to feel confident the moment you leave the office.

The Cost of Multiple Tooth Implants

The cost of your multiple tooth implants in Newtown will depend on how many teeth are missing, the current condition of your jawbone, and other factors. However, it’s important to know that while implants are typically more expensive than dentures or fixed bridges, they can last a lifetime and usually require little to no maintenance beyond daily brushing and flossing. This procedure also ensures the integrity of your jawbone, preventing costly and sometimes painful bone grafting procedures in the future.

Overall, implants are a smart investment for anyone missing one or more teeth. You may also be surprised to find that many insurances will cover part of the procedure and that you may also be eligible for financing, making your dream of a beautiful, permanent smile more attainable than you may think.

Experts in Multiple Tooth Implants

The Newtown dental team at Innovative Implant and Oral Surgery are experienced in helping patients achieve beautiful, permanent smiles with dental implants. If you are missing teeth, don’t wait to see if implants may be right for you. Contact our team for a consultation to learn more.

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