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What Does a Dental Implant Look Like?

When the procedure is complete, a dental implant will precisely mimic the look of a natural tooth. When you smile—whether you have one implant or many—no one will be able to tell the difference. The completely natural appearance of implants and their health benefits and convenience are why these restoration treatments are so popular among patients.

If you’re missing one or more teeth or expect to have extractions performed, talk to a dental implants surgeon at Innovative Oral Surgery & Dental Implants to determine whether you could be a good candidate. We built our practice on trust and provide excellent care to help our patients achieve better oral health and a more confident smile.


What Does a Dental Implant Look Like?

A dental implant has multiple components, but only the crown will be visible above the gum line. Here’s a look at them:

Implant Post

The implant post or “screw” is implanted into the jawbone. It is made from biocompatible materials—either titanium or zirconia—and resembles a small screw. Most people can safely receive dental implants even if you have a metal allergy. The implant post mimics the function of the root of a natural tooth. It serves as an anchor to hold the replacement tooth firmly in place.

After the post is placed within the jawbone, the surrounding bone begins to fuse onto its surface in a process known as osseointegration. Therefore the dental implant becomes a part of the jawbone with cellular connections from the bone to the implant.


The abutment will also not be visible above the gum line when your procedure is complete. Your oral surgeon will place it on top of the implant post once it has been fused to the surrounding bone. It may be shaped like an octagon or hexagon. Its serves as a fastener. It has a small connecting piece on the bottom, which inserts into the implant post. At the top, it has a tapered piece onto which the crown will be placed.


The final component is the crown—the only part visible above the gum line. The crown looks exactly like the tooth that it was designed to replace. The surgeon can even adjust the color of the crown to match the overall shade of the surrounding natural teeth.

Once your implant procedure is complete, you can confidently eat any food. You’ll also be able to talk and smile without worry since no one else will be able to tell the difference between your teeth and the implants.


Considering Dental Implants in PA?

If you’re considering dental implants, there is no better place to get them than Innovative Oral Surgery & Dental Implants, where we specialize in restorative dentistry. Our team is comprised of board-certified oral surgeons, which means you can trust our clinical experience and expertise. In addition, we’re often able to help patients who have been told they were not good candidates for the procedure. This is because we combine cutting-edge technology with the latest innovative techniques so our patients can enjoy the beautiful smiles they deserve.

Schedule a consultation today at one of our conveniently located offices in Abington, Newtown, or Feasterville, PA. We look forward to helping you regain oral function and feel confident in your smile again!