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Benefits of a Smile Makeover

Not only can a smile makeover increase your confidence, but an investment in the appearance of your teeth can pay untold dividends in all facets of your life. If you’ve been considering transforming your smile with dental implants, here are just a few of the wonderful benefits you can expect to enjoy once your procedure is complete.

Social Benefits

The truth is that appearances matter greatly, and from getting a new job to forming personal relationships, a bright and beautiful smile can greatly increase your chances of success in social situations. People who smile often are perceived to be more pleasant, and typically enjoy more satisfying connections with others. Indeed, studies have shown that an attractive smile can bolster your lifetime earnings by at least 5 percent!

Being able to smile comfortably can also play a role in your own self-image. Our bodies are programmed so that not only do we smile because we are happy, but smiling can have a significant effect on our overall mood. This means that a cosmetic dental procedure can enhance the enjoyment you get from your everyday life, freeing you from self-consciousness so you can relax and feel like yourself again.

Improved Health

Your dental health and overall wellness are closely linked, and so cosmetic dental surgery can also make a substantial impact on your quality of life. Missing or damaged teeth can make it impossible to chew certain foods, and fresh fruits and vegetables are often among the most difficult foods for individuals with missing or damaged teeth to consume. Dental implants can make these foods easy to enjoy again, contributing to a more balanced diet.

Poor dental health can lead to an array of other health risks. A damaged dental structure can make you more susceptible to gum disease, bone deterioration, and other conditions of the mouth. Teeth in poor condition can cause headaches and ringing in the ears, and even put you at elevated risk for heart disease and other systemic illnesses.

Savor Meals Again

If your teeth are severely damaged, eating can quickly become a chore. Broken and missing teeth prevent you from biting and chewing effectively, and foods can easily become lodged in open spaces, making what could be a delicious meal into an unpleasant experience. Gum disease and tooth infections also facilitate a chronic bad taste in the mouth, negatively affecting the flavor of your favorite foods.

Standard dentures provide little relief in this area, as they cover over many of the areas in the mouth that are most responsible for taste. Weak bonding agents can also cause them to slip and slide in the mouth while eating, which can be off-putting to those you share your meal with, as well as distracting to you. Dental implants are designed to perform just like natural teeth, so you can enjoy the full experience of tasting your food with confidence.

Only those who suffer from a damaged dental structure know the true pain that an unattractive smile can cause. Fortunately, Innovative Oral Surgery offers a selection of viable options for restoring your smile to its natural brilliance. Contact our Bucks County offices today to learn more!