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Failed Dental Implant Symptoms

If you’re experiencing pain, swelling, or other symptoms from a dental implant, Innovative Oral Surgery can help. A dental implant involves a metal post surgically inserted into the jawbone to support a replacement tooth. They are usually successful, especially if you work with an experienced implant surgeon and care for your oral health.  

If you have dental implants from another provider but have issues or complications, contact us today. For over 50 years, Innovative Oral Surgery & Dental Implants has provided our communities with personalized oral surgery care and life-changing outcomes. As one of our patients, you can trust our team to always place your comfort and satisfaction first.  

Most Common Signs of Implant Failure

Generally, implant failures are categorized based on their timing. “Early failures” occur within the first few months after implant placement, while “late failures” become evident a year or more after the procedure. 

The first indication of an implant failure is often clinical mobility. At first, it may not be detectable, but over time, an implant that has not been properly integrated can become loose, e.g., there may be noticeable movement while eating or speaking. Other signs include the following: 

  • Difficulty chewing 
  • Gum inflammation 
  • Gum recession 
  • Increased swelling 
  • Severe pain or discomfort  

Not all individuals with dental implant complications will exhibit these symptoms. If there is any movement of the implant, patients should have an X-ray to evaluate the condition of the bone surrounding it.  

Causes of Failed Dental Implants 

The success of an implant procedure depends on many factors, but certain habits and medical conditions can increase the risk of failure. For example, gum disease and teeth grinding can hinder a healing implant, and diseases such as osteoporosis, which damages bone strength and density, can make it difficult for the implant to anchor into the jawbone securely.   

Other causes for dental implant complications include:  

  • Smoking: Smoking may increase the risk of dental implant failure, as the nicotine restricts blood flow to the gums. 
  • Cancer treatments: Radiation therapy may cause implant failure by inhibiting the bone’s ability to heal. 
  • Medications: Some medications, such as antidepressants, can decrease the effectiveness of the hormones that are responsible for regulating bone metabolism.  

The Consequences of Ignoring a Failed Implant 

Neglecting the first signs of dental implant failure can escalate into more significant issues, and it is critical to address them immediately. For example, peri-implantitis is characterized by gum tissue and bone inflammation around the dental implant. It is crucial to seek treatment once it is detected. The infection and bone loss can progress to the point that the implant does not respond to treatment and could lead to the loss of it.  

If you experience other signs of dental implant failure, such as persistent pain, swelling, bleeding, difficulties in chewing or speaking, or looseness of dental implants, it’s important to consult with an oral surgeon for fixing implants for further evaluation and care. Early intervention can significantly alter the outcome of the implant procedure.  

Restore Your Smile with Innovative Oral Surgery 

 Dental implants have the potential to transform your smile. Seeing a qualified surgeon is the first step in guaranteeing a successful implant outcome. Let Innovative Oral Surgery ensure your dental implant success. Using the latest advancements in dental technology, we provide patients with more options than ever before and will create a custom treatment plan if your implant fails. Contact our practice today to begin your smile restoration journey and to learn more about dental implants in Feasterville, Newtown, and Abington, PA.

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