Oral surgery covers a range of procedures, from extracting wisdom teeth or replacing a missing tooth, to complex reconstructive surgery.


Our experienced oral and maxillofacial surgeons are here to provide residents of Yardley with quality care that addresses all of their oral surgical needs. In our practice, we aim to utilize the latest technologies and methods to provide you with a treatment protocol that is right for your health and your smile.


Our maxillofacial surgeons can help with a variety of concerns, including:


  • Wisdom teeth and complicated tooth extractions
  • Surgical orthodontics, such as dental implants and bridges
  • Oral Pathology, including the removal of harmful growths and reconstructive surgeries following removals
  • Surgical procedures to restore a person’s appearance after severe facial trauma
  • Correcting the appearance and functionality of hereditary deformities to improve a patient’s health and confidence


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Oral surgeons possess special skills and training


To become an oral surgeon, you must complete four years of dental school and another four years as a resident in surgical training. The residency program is extremely competitive, meaning that only the best and most dedicated students are eligible to follow the path of oral surgery.


Oral surgeons have the skills and training to:


  • Administer general anesthesia and all levels of sedation
  • Diagnose and treat diseases and injuries
  • Perform complex surgeries
  • Significantly improve the look of your smile in as little as one visit
  • Treat areas outside of the mouth, such as the neck, nose, and skull


At Innovative Implant and Oral Surgery, our oral surgeons are practiced in the everchanging technology of advanced dental procedures. We can also work with your orthodontist, plastic surgeon, and ear, nose, and throat doctor in complex cases.


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