Smiling is often considered the key to happiness. However, when you suffer from missing or damaged teeth, you may try to cover up your laugh or even avoid smiling altogether. At Innovative Implant and Oral Surgery, our mission is to provide patients with the confidence of a beautiful, natural-looking smile.


Dental Implants in Yardley, Pennsylvania


The most preferred way to fix this is through dental implants. Dentures can become loose and even cause further problems down the road. However, implants are permanently affixed to your jaw and never shift, move, or loosen. Furthermore, they not only look like your natural tooth, but it functions like it, too.


Surgical grade titanium steel posts are implanted directly into your jawbone. These steel posts create a sturdy base for your crowns. They also mimic the action of a natural tooth root, stimulating your jawbone and preventing bone atrophy.


Benefits of dental implants


Dental implants are an investment that will provide you with endless benefits. It will boost your confidence, increase functionality, and enhance your quality of life.


Some of the practical benefits include:


  • Have a radiant smile that looks and feels natural
  • Speak clearer, chew stronger, and share intimate moments without worries
  • Easily care for them, simply brush and floss like you would regular teeth
  • Enjoy them for years, with most lasting more than 10 years with proper care
  • Prevent jawbone loss which can lead to a collapse in your facial structure
  • Choose the look, size, shape, and color of your new smile or have them expertly matched to your remaining natural teeth.


Types of Dental Implants


Patients missing one or more teeth may consider a variety of dental implants options, such as single tooth, multi-tooth, All-On-4, or same-day implants. There are various factors to be considered when deciding which procedure is correct for you. Your Yardley oral surgeon will provide a full examination and create a custom solution that works for you and your smile.


All-On-4 implants, or same-day implants, work by replacing an entire arch of teeth, either on the upper or lower jaw, using only four strategically placed posts. Using fewer posts provides patients with many benefits, as well, such as:


  • Lower costs
  • Less time needed for the procedure
  • Quicker recovery
  • Works for many patients who’ve experienced some bone loss
  • An ability to receive a full set of teeth in as little as one day


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